Looking for a High Quality Caps?

Dear Kind Valuable Customers,

We are a producer and exporter of Venting materials used for plastic packing. High quality, reasonable price, fast delivery from stock, no minimum order quantity is some of our advantages. Why Vent needed to be used. If a product contains one of following items them:

1. Hydrogen peroxide 2. Liquid fertilizers (Agro chemicals) 3. Pesticides 4. Bio chemicals 5. Cleaning or Disinfectant materials

In plastic packing like bottles, they will cause bloating and foaming. To stop these problems, we need to use venting solutions. By using vented liner disc foils or plug in vent caps, packing bottles or containers can breathe and glass easily realse and no leaking.

We are offering:
1. Press-in Plastic Breather Vent Plug for Plastic Caps as single or with caps together
2. Cap Lining Vented Disc Foils with different diameters
3. Plastic bottles with caps as a set ready for use.

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